Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Perfect Picture Except . . .

We love this picture but someone is missing. Can you find Ricky? Hint: Look behind Ben's leg. As always, Ricky's a little behind.
It's funny how pictures make you think that everything is right with the world. You see the joy, the smiles, the good behavior. We got about fifteen good pictures out of our photo shoot. The photographer took over 300. I would see that this is a pretty realistic representation of our life. But the good moments make it all worth it.

Mother and Daughter

I am crazy about this girl, even if she does keep me a bit off balance.

The Two Debi's

This is my daughter with my mother. Both are named Debi. Good name, isn't it?

Daddy's Girl

Daddy's Girl

Did You Notice

Did you notice?

No screaming
No kicking
No hitting
No crying
No bleeding
No squawking
No burping
No vomiting
No pouting
No whining
No biting

And . . .

No rooster hair
No broken arms
No runny noses
No dirty faces
No untied shoes

And we are like this all the time!
Maybe, not.
But we were like this for a moment, and hey! We'll take that. Thought we'd share our best moment with you.

The Griffin 5

Deborah was so squirmy!
Future Careers of Our Children
Ben: Litigator.
His favorite two words are "Yeah, but." He's also has a sensitive side for mice. We predict he'll be fighing for animal rights.
Eli: College Professor.
He's will correct you if you mispronounce something or use poor grammar. And he loves to read.
Davy: Professional Stunt Man.
Anyone that knows the boy needs no explanation.
Ricky: CIA operative.
He's one stealthy little guy and is always hacking into our computers. He's very quiet, and sometimes I don't see him for days. He's great CIA material because he's low maintenance. He's the kind of guy that the government could station out in Siberia--they could even forget about him for a few years, and he'd be o.k. with that. Especially if they gave him a Wii.
Deborah: Diva.
Either opera or R&B. That girl has one set of pipes. When we let her cry herself to sleep one night, she really belted it out for five minutes and then she was silent. David was impressed. "You'd be wiped out too," I said, "If you just gave a performance like that." She also acts--she can arch her back and throw herself on the floor with style. She does this while maintaining eye contact with her mother.

Ricky and Eli

Ricky and Eli

Our Family Portrait

The day was so beautiful when we took these pictures! And everyone is acting so good--for at least a moment.

Deborah in Your Face

Deborah was so hard to keep still during the photo shoot. She was supposed to be sitting up, but she started to crawl towards the camera when our photographer got this shot. I love how she looks like she's still!

Racing to the Finish

I thought this captured the true spirit of our boys, don't you?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Oatmeal Boy

While Deborah is my little Diva, Ricky is --well, easy. When we came home from running errands today, I hurried to find something for Deborah to eat before she got too hysterical. Ricky just got up on his chair and started eating his breakfast oatmeal. Turns out it tasted great for lunch. And that was all he needed.

Here is Ricky on our walk home--I asked him if he was ready to get back in the stroller. Turns out, he misunderstood me. He was ready to push the stroller, all the long long really long way home. On his own.

Candy Cane Cookies

I got a little crazy on a school night and actually let my boys make Christmas cookies. I blame it on the Family Fun magazine that keeps showing up even though we haven't renewed our subscription for forever---And their cookies this month looked divine. I showed the boys all the pictures of the cookies during dinner--and they all got excited-

So we decided to make the candy can cookies--

The boys were actually pretty independent--they wanted to put them together all by themselves. The only problem was that we didn't have peppermint flavoring so we used mint. Turns out that wasn't a good substitution--

None of the boys liked them--except for Ricky. And no, he doesn't NOT remind you of a little dog in this picture.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Are We Ready For Winter?

I don't know if I'm ready for winter--especially with Deborah! We had another into everything, won't sit in mommy's lap, arching back day with her, and so I finally decided to take them for a walk--despite the twenty degree weather.

Deborah did not like her snowsuit. She couldn't move! I loved it. Here is Deborah trying to move.

Here is Deborah frustrated because she's can roll over, get up, or crawl. She's crying (not laughing), in case you were confused.

It was a gray day, but the mountains are still beautiful.

After walking ten minutes, both children fell asleep. And woke up ten minutes later. But for the moment, they were beautiful and peaceful. Peace is good.

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Jewels

Yesterday was just lovely because I decided to spend one on one time with each of my children. It was a little tricky to get them all in, but I was so glad I did.

The photographer told us to wear jewel tones. I thought that appropriate since these are my jewels.

I've always tried to get the house in order before sitting down with my kids, but as I'm learning, the house is never entirely an order. I can never keep up, and I end up grouchy, and my kids end up rowdy.

I read a book about animal tails with Ricky, and then I read about a magic paint brush with Davy. Eli is learning his American cities for the geography bee. Ben read to me an adventure story involving Captain Cook, and even Deborah got into her picture book, How I Became a Pirate. I wouldn't be suprised if that is a career path she might choose. She is my high adventure, wandering, sometimes naughty little girl, but I wouldn't have her any other way.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Deborah Weborah

Thanksgiving was so lovely. Food, family, and love in abundance, and you think that nothing could possibly every be hard again.

Ah, but then comes Black Friday. I didn't even go shopping. I got Dave and the older boys on their way to Park City. I should have sent Deborah. She could have been Bjorned on Dave while he skiied a black diamond run. That would have totally been her thing.

She is my adventurous girl. But doesn't she look calm in this picture?

Ahh, but she is not! She drove me crazy, until I finally bundled her up for a walk. We came back quickly because it was just too cold.

We then decided to go to the library, which meant I had to gather all of my overdue library books. I've decided it is cheaper for me to buy books than to borrow them. I should get some kind of donor status with all my fines. We got there and strike two, the library was closed.

So Ricky, Deborah, and I went to the Courtyard at Jamestown--an assisted living center. It's one of my favorite places. I wish I could check in right now. If you live there, you can ring a bell for service any time you need it. And they make all your food for you too. Heaven!

The people there are so lovely--you meet World War II veterans and classy dames. They are so polite and never talk back to you. They are delighted to see you.

We lasted just a few minutes because Deborah wouldn't let me sit down to visit with anyone. Squirmy. Squirmy. And Ricky wet his pants. His training pants.

So I took them home and gave them a bath. Deborah grabbed some bleach cleaner sitting on the edge and dumped it in the bath. I grabbed them both and pulled them out and rinsed them off. I was really tired.

My dear Mom took me out to a movie when Dave got home, and before I went to bed, I nursed little Deborah. That is my favorite time of the day. She's so still and cuddly and warm and when she's done, I just hold her and rock her. She doesn't move. That's heaven too.